with Straps Package



1. Yoke Bar

2. Handles

3. Adjustable Chain

4. Suspension Chain

​5. Padded Straps

​6. Soft Straps

7. Manual

“Real core strength makes the whole body stronger, the Yoke works!”


OUR PRODUCT-The Yokebar™ is the only overhead, athletic trainer that allows you to move in real, natural movements to simultaneously integrate movement on all planes for a full body workout. This allows you to train, exercise or even rehab to gain greater flexibility, range of motion and increased muscle stamina. With all of our exercises, your core is engaged throughout. This is the only product of its kind that can offer the benefits and flexibility of our training system while making fitness fun again!

OUR SYSTEM-The Yoke Training System™ is based on our methodology of I-3™- Integration of Isometrics and Instability. The value of our system is that it can complement any strength training system, and because you are training your core and other stabilizers through these movements, you’re better prepared to prevent common injuries while achieving our goal of maximal muscle recruitment. With a simple repositioning of your body, you can go from easy to advanced and anywhere in between which makes this the perfect training system for all ages and ability levels. 


INSTANTLY  engage the core through stability, rotation and maximal muscle recruitment exercises.


those in need

Safety Techniques for City, County and Municipalities o City of San Jose (California) o Working with trainers/instructors for

safety/prevention proposals throughout California  

 Chiropractors and Physical Therapy/Post-Injury Rehab Specialists o Various sports related accredited trainers, therapists and doctors

High Schools  - Various High Schools across the nation including pilot programs to use the Yoke Training System in the general school population  

Gyms and Clubs  -  Working with several chain and boutique clubs in Northern and Central California

Professional  -  Various Professional Football Athletes and Teams (former and current)  •

Collegiate  - Oklahoma State University o Working with U. Missouri, Arizona State, Cal State Fullerton, and various other Universities and Junior Colleges



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