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    The Yokebar
    $ 649
    Yoke crossbar - 1
    Industrial Chains - 3
    Nylon Stirrup - 2
    31/2in. Carabiner - 2
    4in. Carabiner - 3
    Steel Handle - 2
    Yoke Bar Manual - 1

    Online Consultation With Dan Locsin - 1 
    Meet The Owner Dan Locsin
    A kinesiologist, trainer, coach, business owner, father, husband and inventor of the Yoke Training System. 

    10 years ago, Dan injured himself playing basketball. 
    "I was in the best shape of my life... there is no reason that I should have got hurt."
    All fitness professionals are trying to find new ways to strengthen every part of their body.  Because of his injury, Dan actually invented the solution to maximum muscle activation. 

    The YokeBar is a standout fitness device in that it improves full body coordination, flexibility and core strength.
    Also used in the Olympic Training Center!
    Why athletes, coaches, and trainers use the YokeBar:
    Using the YokeBar the last 10 years has made a huge impact on my wrestling career. I now wrestle for USA Wrestling and still use the YokeBar almost everyday.     - Amy Fearnside, USA Wrestler 
    "It conditions the muscles that you don't typically get to use when you go to the gym or exericise like normal people do."    - Billy Morin, Water Polo  
    "When I'm sparing, I feel my body respond faster. I feel like I have more pop in my punch!"                                                         - Brianna V, MMA Fighter 
    "I've been training with the YokeBar for over 8 years and it's helped me in wresling and baseball. Now I'm excited to be playing at the college level."    - Kai D, Baseball
    "The YokeBar helps me out move my opponents. When most guys are strong and stiff, I am fluid. The fluid motions make me strong... thats why I win."  - Isaiah L, Highschool All American Wrestler 
    "The YokeBar brought my whole body together, made me more flexible and improved my stride."   - Katalina T, Track and Feild 
    "GILROY WRESTLING'S SECRET WEAPON!"       - Greg Verela, Gilroy High Wrestling Coach 
    "What takes an hour in the gym takes half the time when using the Yokebar."                  - Denise L, Health and Wellness Coach
    What is the Yokebar? 
    It is an overhead hanging fitness device that takes your basic exercises and turns it into a full body workout. 

    "You haven't felt your core activate until you've experienced the Yokebar." 

    Whether you're a newbie to fitness or an elite athlete, the YokeBar is perfect for all fitness levels and all ages. 
    Why The Yoke Bar? 
    Instead of isolating muscles individually,
    the YokeBar teaches the body to move as one. 
    Unlike any other fitness device, the YokeBar moves freely on all 3 planes allowing full body rotation. Feel your muscles work together to find balance.
    What People Are Saying:
    I used to have back pain from years of working in construction. I no longer do and I can say with 100% certainty, it's because of the YokeBar.
    - Dan K, Construction
    I do crossfit... I love the integration of yoke with crossfit.  If you thought you were strong, try doing a muscle up on the YokeBar. 
    - Shaun S, Crossfit
    One of my clients had a very bad slipped vertebrae. She worked out 3 times a week with the YokeBar... Miraculously her next MRI showed her disk to be less bulging. The YokeBar forced her core to strengthen enough to bring her back into alignment. 
    - Tina S, Massage Therapist  
    • Doesn’t take up much space. 
    •  Works the whole body together
    •  Builds muscle
    •  Burns fat
    •  Great for stretching  
    •  Great for balance training 
    •  Tones your body 
    •  Prevents injury 
    •  Allows full body rotation 
    •  Improves core stability 
    •  Strengthens back muscles 
    •  Strengthens muscles you didn’t even know you had (the stabilizers) 
    Your Competitive Advantage 
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