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Yoke Training System™

The Yokebar

$ 499

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  • Yoke crossbar - 1
  • Industrial Chains - 3
  • Nylon Stirrup - 2
  • 31/2in. Carabiner - 2
  • 4in. Carabiner - 3
  • Steel Handle - 2

The Yokebar is the only overhead, athletic trainer designed to create instability by moving on all 3 axis. This allows the user to train, excercise, or rehab with a full range of motion, and requires them to engage small stabilizing and core muscles throughtout each excercise.


Legal Disclaimer

Warning. Professional Installation Recommended. Yoke Training System is not liable for loss or injury due to installation. Maximum load on overhead chain must not exceed 850 lbs. Before starting any workout, consult with your physician. Before each use, please inspect the equipment to ensure that it is in good working order. All bolts and quick links must be tightened, spring clips closed, and extensions in a locked position. Those unfamiliar with this equipment should consult a Certified Yoke Trainer. Please visit www.yokebar.com for more information.

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