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Yoke Certification

Help your clients and athletes create a more complete workout by integrating the Yoke Training System into your sessions.

By becoming a Yoke Certified Trainer, you will expand your training regimen to offer unique fitness and rehabilitation services for your clients. The most valuable tool in your equipment arsenal, the Yokebar, will help your clients connect their muscle groups, which will lead to a more balanced, stronger body.

Yoke Fit Classes

Yoke Fit classes are made up of various stations, each with a destabilizing apparatus that challenges your mind to stay focused, and your body to stay balanced.

Unlike many fitness classes that perform repetitive movements over and over, Yoke Fit excercises are designed to constantly change, so that your body is always adjusting, and never becoming complacent.

Yoke Fit classes are a great way to get a complete workout with a diverse community of all ages.

Yoke Affiliates

Want to Join the Yoke movement?

If you are interested in becoming a Yoke Affiliate, please send email to:

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